Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Children Have Seen Toy Story 3 Twice Already

Simon's grubby power paws can mainly be seen clutching on to Buzz and/or Woody, or Mr. Potato Head, or Slinky Dog, or RC (geesh, who knew we had so many Toy Story hand-me-downs?).

He changes beloveds like he changes underwear.
IF he wore underwear, that is.

So for a recap:
Toy Story

got it?


Beach Hendersons said...

We may or may not have borrowed a "sneak peek" copy from a friend and my kids may or may not be on their 20th time watching it.

I've never heard "u infini e beyo" sound better than coming from a 2yr olds mouth.

Amanda said...

Every morning Ethan wakes up reenacting scenes from Toy Story. He still sleeps with Woody, Buzz and mini Buzz since he got them 2 months ago. Obsessed much? If only he had Slinky Dog and RC... we have a Potato Head, but not the Toy Story version. That one probably costs 3X's as much.

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