Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Day Last Week We Busted Out The Blow-Up Pool

Every now and then, we (Bek and I) feel sorry for our poor mother-in-law's sanity.
Our brood is busy, loud and great in number.
Oh, and sticky. They are sticky too.
So a couple of days last week we let her pretend we didn't exist and ransacked my house instead.
Because, you know, I'm used (numb) to the loud and busy kind.
My exact line of work, in fact.

Upon hearing "I'm bored!" from the fourth whinny-pitched child that day, we marched the troops out back and we blew up the generously sized inflatable pool.
WT style.

We put Delia on hose duty, Milo in a time out, broke up a fight between Lena and Eloise, held crying two year olds and mustered onward with weary smiles.

I call this one: "Rebekah Defeated"

It took roughly 2 hours to fill that bad boy with freezing cold hose water.
Then came my genius idea to add in a couple (20) squirts of dish soap.


Oliver hating it

But it was too late to turn back. Remember-two hour fill up time.
Sorry Oller. Somehow he still managed to have fun in between the stinging eye episodes.

in between stinging eye episodes being quite cute

The bigs loved it, and best part of all, no one needed a bath when we were through.
Dish-Dawn clean children.

lena shakin' it

simon makes an appearance in a diaper and Oliver about to hate it again

hooray for plastic!

Here's to cousin memories and the Summer of Vaisey.
And to soap in the eye.


Beach Hendersons said...

I love plastic pools. We usually come up with the brilliant idea of trying to get hot water in there somehow, only to find out it doesn't usually work without a lot of sweat and mess.

Lena has gotten SO big. And where in the world did you get that beaut of a suit.

Amanda said...

Soap...genius. Maybe next time you can put some bubble bath stuff in there. You know, for Oliver's sake. It looks like fun anyway though, so who am I to make suggestions.

One thing I will suggest is getting together to work on that table of yours. I just finished painting the dresser I got for baby E. and I'm feeling in the mood for another project. How about a day that isn't 85 degrees or hotter though?

Jordan said...

I am going to print and frame "Rebekah Defeated". That is how I feel about 89% of the time. We are experiencing summer burnout here, too. Wish I could add my four to your sudsy fun (and join you on the red bench face in hands).

Skout 48 said...

The captions are priceless! I was rolling at Oller's expense...sorry little man. Great shoots!

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