Sunday, July 18, 2010

The 3rd Baby Is Blessed

and what a gathering it was...

get a load of the two clowns front and center

Brunch at our place before church (and we were on time-early even! who woulda thought?)
Sunday best for all.
2 entire pews full of family!

We retreated to the picturesque landscape outside the chapel after sacrament meeting for a group shot.

How very tradish of us.

Capturing a crowd of this kind proves to be the taxing task.

"Look over here girls!"
"Oliver, fingers out of your nose, buddy"
"Smile, Simon!"
"One more, come back!"
"Put the sticks down and come here, please"

You know the drill.

It was fun, and the day was beautiful and I feel so lucky duck to have so many people there to make it all feel so special.

Rebekah regathers the wandering troops for more pictures

the best of a whole bunch

Because bless his heart, it's hard making things feel special when you're third in the lineup of sibs.

But not today baby Binners, not today.

Today was special.


Amanda said...

Love how willing you guys are to get crazy for some family pictures. Or maybe that's just Reb. What a great occasion to get the whole fam together. And little Calvin looked pretty cute it Ethan's ol' outfit. Hopefully you've got a a frame-worthy photo from the plethora of ones I shot.

kelly said...

thanks again, camera woman.

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