Friday, April 16, 2010

Why We Could Never Use the Name Luke

If you hear a WHOOM-WHOOM sound running throughout our house, don't worry much, it's just Simon turning another ordinary object (plate, book, stick, toothbrush, puzzle piece, lunch) into his know, to destroy Darth Vader and return peace to the galaxy.

Move over Lightning McQueen, there's a new obsession in the Vaisey household and it takes no prisoners.

he sets the scene.
he is serious as a heart attack.

Picking up 60 action figures off the floor daily from your husband's past for your two year old son is one small price to pay for sheer happiness and contentment.
Pardon me, I need to go throw a Star Wars tee shirt into the dryer before the day starts.


Angie R said...

HA! LOL...the next time we see Simon won't he have a treat! the boys have 12 light sabers...all different colors and sizes and yes...Star Wars has been a CRAZY obsession with my boys. could totally use the name Luke...He is a good guy and "the force would be strong with that one" ha ha ha ...Naming him Darth...if you were predisposed there might be a problem. I grew up hating Star Wars because Dad always liked to watch it and it took I live in a house of boys that can't get enough and I can quote the of them! ;)

Amanda said...

We already have a nephew named Luke, so it's out for us too. Ethan hasn't yet come to know the existence of Star Wars, and I honestly think we are putting it off as long as humanly possible.

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