Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lately Randoms

Simon is learning his colors. He truly believes red is called "lightning."
I fear Cars has produced a dark shadow over his brain matter. Disney's evil plot to take over the world, one two-year old fanatic at a time.

Although you may see me out in the world donning outfits of put together pants or skirts, when I get home, I peel them right off and trade them in for a cozy pair of pajama pants just in time to greet my husband at the door after a long day of work. His favorites are a thick lush pair of fleece ones with a stripe down the side.
I make no apologies.

We recently tried Lena in underwear at nights. It went well, until it went horribly bad. We have been putting her in what's left of Simon's disposables from vacation.
She wakes up and bounces down the stairs each morning dressed in a doozie of an outfit, complete with underwear.

Now I know I should have been asking what she was doing with all the diapers she has been sleeping in because as I was putting away a pile of her laundry, I found her stash tucked in the far back corner of her closet. Most of them were still in pajama bottoms.

I counted 6 night's splendor worth of diapers nestled back there.
I laughed really hard and then was really grossed out.

Then she stuck her pee-diaper hands in my face and we headed to the bathroom to scrub off the stench.

All in a day's work.


Jalene said...

haha. oh gosh. that is hilarious. i can't wait to have kids. so funny.

Rebekah V. said...

have you ever washed a disposable diaper that stowed away in pajama pants? I have. Many times. I say better festering in the closet than picking out the weird gelatinous clumps off of an entire load. BTW(that means by the way) your house is looking squeeky clean. what up with that? (that means what is up with that.)

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