Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Art Pageant: Spare No Glitz

Guess what happens when the oldest cousin is 10 and a girl?
Free babysitting.
But guess what else happens. Organized play run by a dictatorship.
And specifically for this year...an art pageant.

It might have been our recent family marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras that brought on the pageant theme. Man that show is awesome.
Either way, Lena loves being bossed around by Delia almost as much as she like to boss. Which is a lot.
They worked so hard all afternoon on their masterpieces.

Because technically this pageant was also an art auction, everyone else in the family was given a paddle and as far as budget was concerned, that was up to every individual family to determine what was in their means to spend.

These children weren't born yesterday and the one that was born a year ago wasn't participating.
They know the way to their Grandparents'(that'd be Bop Bop and BabaJuje) hearts (wallets): home-crafted grandchild artwork.

To keep up with the children's excitement and sheer momentum we played along and in the end there was real money to be found in each grubby child-sized paw.
Even dear old family friend, Hartman, dug deep and walked away with a prize collector's piece.
I think I spent a grand total of like 20 bucks! Whew.
even though I forget most of the names, they were the best part. I believe one went something like: Lollipop Eye
Dee Dee was crowned pageant queen
5...5...do I hear 5? 6...6? 6.50? 7...7...do I hear 7?
Things to appreciate here: Steve's socks/sandal power combo, Hartman's sword and change counting
Aunt Bekah takes home Lolipop Eye
Lemonade stands have nothing on this crafty bunch. Pun. And two bits (for you Bek, you can have my two bits any day)!

*no child was spray-tanned during the making of this post


Rebekah V. said...

HA! This was great from start to finish! I am a bit disappointed that you didn't mention my favorite line "AND TWO BITS! AND TWO BITS" pun.

Thanks for being the familly historian. what would we do without you?!

robin said...

you had me laughing the whole time i was reading this post. the best is that picture in which you describe the power sock/sandal combo and sword/money counting. SO hilarious!

and i truly appreciate a good last line. your spray tan reference is genius.

and i love all the kid art!

communikate. said...

hilarious! i love inventive kids.

robin said...

oh don't worry, we weren't hanging out with brooke's kids on my trip. we just hung out with them a little in the mornings before we hit the town!

Jen Richards said...

You are having the MOST amazing summer. These are beautiful pics with gorgeous kids (& mommy) in them!

Julie@HapaLAB said...

How AWESOME!! Glad I wasn't there tho for my wallets sake:) I got DeDe & Milo ATM's for their birthdays so I know how money-savy they are...Steve's looking proud of D in those socks! They made a killing on a snack stand at our last playgroup garage sale last fall too...hilarious post Kelly!!!

Usemeplz said...

It's incredible photos! They radiate joy and happiness, and made ​​very high quality! Thank you very much!

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