Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wandering The Fairport Villiage and I'm Afraid I Have Promised Calvin To Many

First weekend every June you can except to find us at Canal Days in Fairport.
If you've been here a while then you've already heard me gush over funnel cake and kettle corn from years previous so I won't tell you about the lemonade or the carny food either. But if I did tell you about it, I would tell you that it's worth dragging along 3 whiny mcgees through the crowded streets to consume.
Jeff's old buddy's mother has a place on the canal and we make an annual stop there too so our children can wander aimlessly in their house and dig in the non-kid friendly yard.
Kate and Hartman are one of those couples you swear you need to get together with more often, but then only really end up seeing one another once a year during canal days.
Last year:
Every year you end in the same, "We need to get together soon!!"
And you know they would be great in-laws so you put your youngest son down to play with their sweet little nugget of a daughter, Margaret Jean, and hope the sparks fly!
Mostly there will be fighting over organic baby puffs and the pulling of strawberry blonde and auburn locks but don't sweat it.
There's always next year at Canal Days.

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