Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Wrote You This Big Sexy Post I Think You're Going To Really Dig

When we weren't hauling children to and from the pool and the cottage we could most likely be found spending our in-between time s'more-ing, camping, swinging, sliding, watering, eating, talking, laughing, re-desiging living rooms, talking, You-Tubing, Hulu-ing, laughing, laughing, laughing, drawing, painting, talking, eating, eating, and swimming with our clothes on.

We tried our darndest to cover all our bases, but in the end, we were just left wanting more. More madness, more late nights(more sleep), more time.

and so let's get to it

This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow
a pirate so brave on the seven seas
a mystical quest
to the isle of Tortuga
raven locks sway on the ocean breeze
Captain Jack
Johnny Depp
Davy Jones
giant squid
Now back to the good part

Thanks to Juje for hosting the loud and the crazy and the very sticky
Thanks to Bek for scrubbing up paint in the bathroom grout for over an hour and for the laughs- always for the laughs.
Thanks to Dylan- uncle of the year goes to you
Thanks to Mini Jeff for sleeping through the night every night
Thanks to Bop Bop for succumbing to peer pressure and taking the full-clothed dive
& Thanks to heaven on high, for I feel blessed blessed blessed to be a part of such a crazy family

My beloved Vaiseys: you complete me(<-click).


communikate. said...

big sexy post is right!

a couple of things.

a. what's going on with your mother in law in the window.

b.the paint in the grout, reminds me of the time my brothers and i smeared play dough all of the kitchen floor. some of still in the grout. my dad likes to remind me of it 15 years later.

c. cute.cute. kids. i can't believe how red your babe is in comparison to the rest of the gang.

and p.s. we LOVE portlandia. it's scary how accurate some of the stereotype sketches are here. hilarious indeed.

Rebekah V. said...

There are few moments in the arts when the visual and the typographical and the lyrical come together to create PURE GENIUS. C'mon. "Now back to the good part"!!!!! I can't stop laughing. And, "you complete me". This is a true artistic happening. Seriously. This is the most hilarious juxtaposition of the visual and the inter-textual. I CAN NOT STAND IT. You just made the cover of blog Sport's Illustrated. Where do you go from here?

Plus, it was really touching and I am so glad we got to have the time together.

kelly said...

juje is famous for her faces. she's usually pulling one or another in 1 out of 5 pictures taken of her. She wasn't mad, just animated. classic Juje. or maybe she was locking all of us out of her house. that could be...

portlandia. haha. so very good. did you read it?

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