Monday, July 25, 2011

At the Cottage Again In Pictures and Other Things

The summer heat has not disappointed this year. I keep my mouth shut about the humidity and 100 degree madness because I don't want winter to hear me. He is always listening you know.

These pictures round out the rest of our cottage time during Summerish of V.
I noticed a few things while looking through them:

-most of them are of me and Rebekah
-and among those, most of them have us modeling diet cokes
-bay water is pretty gross actually
-thinking about the cottage makes me really happy and all these people are why
Back in Rochester right about now, I hear the thunder rolling in and it's about time. The brown grass is choking to death out front. Rain calls for all indoor chores to be done. The baby is pulling every last item out of my to-and-from-the-pool-bag and every magnet off the fridge and the olders are at Vacation Bible School. Do your children go? The church who puts it on around here is chock full of little Mormon primary boys and girls this week.
Vacation Bible School is genius I tell you. Genius!

And then there were 200 more pictures (of me and rebekah) waiting in the wings. Maybe they should have a blog of their own.


teamBoo said...

ah, good old fashioned fun (plus diet coke). does it get any better??

Yes, but only if you substitute the diet for coke zero.

communikate. said...

i love your sweet cottage! that's radical.

i almost cut my bangs today. almost, but seeing your long pretty locks has me inspired to push through few more months of the shaggy dog and bobby pins (ugh) to make it work.

and holla for the diet coke. we're sure to be bffs in real life if we ever cross paths.

robin said...

so i have come to acknowledge the fact that my diet coke addiction is a little out of control. until now i have been a bit in denial. i still don't care and i'm not going to do anything about it, but at least i've acknowledged it.

AND, this weekend in d.c. i went on a search for your red h&m skirt to no avail. i was sad and mad. i did, however, find that great striped shirt at anthropologie but sadly, i didn't purchase it. why? because i had already bought like 15 t-shirts. but maybe i'll go get it here in boca... hmm....

and thanks for commiserating with me on the boys haircuts.

i laughed heartily when i read your line about winter always listening. you are one funny lady...

Sherry Gammon said...


Rebekah V. said...

I think we should open up a modeling agency where we just represent ourselves. You can do the regular gigs and I will take care of the plus size jobs. I think we could easily start with a diet coke commercial. we have practice. You should tell team boo that steve is a coke zero man over here and won't even touch dc anymore. If we are going to start our agency I will have to start only drinking dc ever. it is healthy for you.

kelly said...

i like cherry coke zero. it satisfies.

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