Friday, January 21, 2011

It Took Near 5 Years

but it's finally happened...

The self-hair cut.

no! not the bangs we just grew out!

I discovered the damage only just this morning after she dumped a half bottle of hair product in it. As I combed through the potent crusty strands I saw it.

Me: Lena, did you cut your hair?!
Lena: I forgot to tell you I wanted a haircut
Me: When did you do it? Where?
Then she hopped over to the mirror giving me the play by play pretending to cut some here-while looking up at her bangs, some off the side, then the other side then looks back at me with her mouth crooked and shrugged her shoulders.
Lena: Like that. Isn't it like SO SO pretty?
Me: Oh it's something alright.

(remember the last time she thought she looked SO pretty, because I do)

So, it could have been worse I realize, and I actually think it's probably better than her first professional haircut.

The next time you see Lena be sure to compliment her handy work. I think she'd appreciate that.


Corinne said...

Awesome. That was Tay, one week before Christmas. I ended up chopping her hair short into a sweet little bob. Grandpa H said her short bob accompanied by her new & VERY short bangs made her look like she was from Paris- like a little model. I am glad someone tried to make me feel better. They all do it though don't they....little boys are much easier to fix though- just run the clippers right over their noggin until they don't have any hair! LOL

kelly said...

I feel pixie bangs and a bob coming on...

abby said...

lena, your antics make me laugh every time.

Wahzat Gayle said...

What is it with little girls and cutting their hair? And adding bangs more specifically!

You are right though it does look good!

She is such a cutie!

(teehee had a good laugh at the 'makeover' post but not too loud because don't want to test the fates I still have two who like to explore and experiment!)

Amanda said...

Oh my... I'm just laughing in the dark den by myself. So you're saying this is what I have to look forward to?!? As long as Eleanor is as funny as Lena. And that 2nd picture? Priceless. It's like a toddler mug-shot. Like she just got pulled over and arrested for a DUI.

teamBoo said...

i've been meaning to cut bangs. everyone is gonna think I'm copying Lena.

Henderson said...

What a stylish girl!

p.s. love the mug shot!

The Fawson Family said...

I see a future career. Lena- you look gorg!

The Ohio Leavitt's said...

I went back and looked at your post from 2 years ago. Holy Cow! That is so funny. I wish we could live closer to each other for a time. I would love to get to know you as a mom, and of course your kids! You always seem so on top of things, calm and Fun!

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