Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summer of Vaisey Video Series: Take 8

For our next trick we have a 4th of July parade, and fireworks, and some Stevie Wonder. A simple addition to our summer video series.
By now, you might be thinking,
"Geez, are we going to be seeing these bad boys until summer?"
No, you won't.
Don't be silly.

note: only two children were harmed during the production of this film.
(Ollers-his neck via Simon's sparkler, and Simon-his hand via his own sparkler)
Both were cut from the film for CPS reasonings. You understand;)


Skout 48 said...

the music and production quality is priceless:) Really love the kid shooting Dede & Milo with the water gun...what a fun summer eh? The fireworks over water....stop it already!

kelly said...

Come join us next summer. Enzo can teach my children how to keep a tidy room and you can have a backstage pass to all the madness:)

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