Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Loss of Hair and Lunch

Look, the children got haircuts:

On another note, the children got sick.
We spent the tail end of last week following Simon around with the designated household throw-up bowl (doesn't every household have one?).
Saturday the call came to us from BabaJuje while we were on our late afternoon date- this time the bowl belonging to Lena- except it was more like her own hands (you're welcome)
And then Sunday it was the baby's turn. Babies don't give the courtesy of using bowls.
Finally into the wee hours of Monday morn- Esq.
He makes throwing up look like death. And what's worse, he usually does it from the standing up position over the toilet (what!?) Whyiotta...
So far, I have emerged unscathed, though slightly defeated in spirit.
Holy Moly!

Just today I came downstairs after showering this morning and Lena took one look at me and was speechless- she just stood there and blinked over and over. When I asked her what was up with that, she said
"So. Beautiful."
I'm 100% sure her response is due to the fact that her mother hasn't bothered to get dressed for something like 4 days straight.

So if you come by today you're in luck because we're all feeling super duper and I am looking seriously beautiful;)

I still have a few Summer of Vaisey videos left I am debating on posting...
any requests for more?
I might do it anyway even if you say no.


Donsher said...

Glad you are better. I would love to see more videos!

Corinne said...

Hoping everyone is feeling less puky over there. And of course you didn't get sick....you're beautiful! Beautiful people apparently don't puke.:)

abby said...

when my husband throws up it sounds like the devil dying. it is the worst thing ever and i start crying before he's even thrown up because i know the violence that is coming. ha. i feel for ya.

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