Friday, June 05, 2009

Sun Seeping Gratitude

Late Tuesday afternoon the children and I basked.

We grabbed our favorite, and only, festive Mexican blanket, got ourselves a nice spread of freshly checked out library books, some fluids for replenishment, and basked in the June sun.
Even an old friend came along (against my protest, but that's not the point).

The point is basking is heavenly.

As I sat there, legs crossed & lying in the grass, watching them thumb through books, laughing and playing, drinking up the sun's rays along with some of the Vitamin Water that our new Jetta came with (a whole whopping year's worth) I felt elated. A warmth much more intense than the sun could supply washed over me and my spirit as we sat there together on an ordinary afternoon.

Oh moments like these! They are a certain treasure in my life.

And in that very moment gratitude filled my heart because I realized just how special it is to feel so much love. Especially after this morning, when I awoke to a scene of Lena covered literally head to toe in the makeup I apparently forgot to put out of harms reach yesterday. I suppose Tuesday afternoon knew what it was doing when it provided that quietly familiar moment of pure love overflow. That very overflow saved her sweet bum cheeks from an angry swat via my hand (because after all, I do believe in spanking).
This post isn't about spanking. But you already knew that.

For I can only hope the summer ahead of us brings many bright sunny days of basking.

Wouldn't that be just lovely?

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