Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tisk, tisk, tisk on me.

I've been a neglectful blogger this week. There are always excuses not to blog.
Want to hear mine? I thought you would.

Because being productive and blogging are apparently martian hopes , we'll start with things on my check list this past week:

Farm Market Saturday- buy plants, fruits, and whatever else speaks to us as we tear our way through the city crowd. check
Canal Days- eat and eat and walk and eat. check (this one was easy)
Yard work with what was left of Saturday- mow, pick, plant, trim. half check as daylight was not on our side
Finishing touches on garden- including finish taking up grass, shoveling compost, soil, staining boxes- mostly check. My arms and my back are to thank. Thanks arms and back.
Paint front door and shutters- hopefully sometime this decade
Return a million things to a million different places- check
Grocery store- pan to me looking down infested with guilt while I stare at my feet.
The daily feeding of mouths, cleaning of bums and home, washing of laundry, making of beds, mopping of floors- CHECK booyah!

Soon, these lovely makings shall make their debuts.

In a perfect world my children would be fed balanced, nutritious meals, kept groomed and happy and simultaneously read to for 2 hours a day whilst I maintain a regular upkeep of decent blog entries.

I like to think I can occasionally sneak in one without the other.

Raising humans and nurturing blogs (which almost always leads to mindless Internet searchings resulting in the seeing things that are prettier than mine and then the wanting of them) are tough demands says I. There's always a cost.

This entry's cost?: Lena, her mouth gleefully stuffed with 6 help-yourself pieces of gum, pouring Simon's sippy cup of cold water all over his skinny little body down to the last drip while he screams MaaaaMaaaaaaaaa.

Welp, that's my cue!

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