Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hellos, Goodbyes, New Rides, Clumped Posts, and the Month of May

Throughout the month of May (to be viewed here in no particular order) you may have found one or all of us:

Celebrating Mother's Day
Going to dentists appointments
Going to Doctor visits
Feeding the missionaries (I actually kind of dread this)
On a trip to Utah
On a trip to Europe
On a trip to New Jersey
Celebrating Jeff's 31st birthday
Celebrating Bop Bop's birthday
Attending GrammaTina's graduation/planning her 50th birthday bash
Changing jobs
Pulling off the lot with a brand spanking new car

Yowie Zowie. My head is still spinning.

Yep, this brimmed-filled month of May led Jeff to an unexpected change of job. In the beginning of the month a great opportunity presented itself, and after long thought and prayer we decided to seize. So, he said goodbye to Woods Oviatt
and hello to Modica and Associates (business cards pending). But, worry not because he's still your guy to call if you're in need of the law;) (me=nerd).

So, as it went, a new job in a new, slightly farther town, & after 4 and a half years of being a single car kind of family, meant a new means of transportation was in order. When I sent Jeff off to find us a car a week ago he came home with exciting news. A down payment was handed over to the man at Dorchel for this beauty:

a Saab 9-3 Turbo x
Raw black beauty & pleasure wrapped up in one sweet mother of a powerful package.
Ours, all ours!

Unfortunately there's a big but involved.

But, even after the amazing price cut already in place and even after talking the guy down a bit more to 27,000, we still, after coming to our senses, found $575/month hard to swallow.
Especially with the potential of a growing family in need of a future growing family car. So, we settled on the more economically priced Jetta lease deal and we have no regrets for doing so.

maybe slight ones.

To the month of May, that's a wrap. Here's to June bringing all sorts of nothing.

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