Monday, May 07, 2012

Wouldn't It Be SO Cool if I Went Back to an April Birthday and Easter?

Between March and June there is a plethora of special occasions to be made special on the our family calendar.
What is in store for the Vaiseys in the spring you ask?
Oh, I'm so glad you asked. It goes:
My Birthday: March 31
Lena's Birthday: April 6
Easter: April 8
Calvin's Birthday: May 1
Bop Bop's Birthday: May 6
Jeff's Birthday: May 12
Mother's Day: May 13
My Mom's Birthday: May 19
Baby Brother's Birthday: TBD
Father's Day: June 17
That's a lot of spring birth giving/parent appreciation if you ask me.

And just as I predicted, the birthday celebrations have been pretty quiet this year. I hope gestation is happy for itself. Sweet energy sucking gestation.
But Lena did get a sweet little cousin party in North Carolina the day after she turned 6 years old. (6 YEARS OLD!) All we had to do was show up to the fancy house in Chapel Hill and it was there waiting for us...

There were fancy tea cups and gum balls and gummy worms and plastic plates, color and loudness and sugar highs and family togetherness.
Turns out when you leave cotton candy on top of a cupcake for a bit it crystalizes and becomes crunchy and melty. 
A perfect mess for a 6 year old with perfect perma-stickiness!


communikate. said...

Sweet perma-stickiness. Sounds like a six year olds dream (as well as this 29 year old... i love cotton candy!)

And hello celebrations! Yikes! When is baby brother due?

robin said...

happy birthday, lena! i have never seen cotton candy in a container like that... looks amazing.

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