Friday, April 13, 2012

Instagram Killed The Blog Star my case anyway. Or can I blame another thing on gestation and the black hole of parenthood? 
Some happenings:
It has snowed and has been 70 and back to 40. I'm ready to like it here again.
The hens have given up their winter laying strike and once again we have fresh beauts to devour. 
I turned 28 (what's with the late 20s feeling so weiiiiird?) and got really sick in the reverse order.
I entered the final stretch and hit 32 weeks in this pregnancy. I'm still in disbelief we are having a fourth child.
Calvin turned into our very own family pet parrot repeating everything anyone says at any given time of any day. When he is not repeating, he is whining something intelligible, when he is not doing that he is taking 3 hour naps in the middle of the day. Hair still red, temperament matches.
Lena turned 6 and can stuff now.
We thought about moving into a larger home to accommodate our expanding family needs then we stopped thinking about it. Then we started thinking about it again and now we're back to not thinking about it.
Simon discovered Indiana Jones and the Indiana Jones Lego x-box game and I am too embarrassed to admit how good he is at it.
We took a road trip to Virginia and North Carolina.
We had Easter with the Vaisey cousins and survived a long 13 hour drive home with a red headed whiny pet parrot in the back middle car seat.

I instagramed most of it. I blogged none of it.
I'm not sure I'm ready to recommit to regularity so while I put a pin in it
here is the overload:



abby said...

i feel like instagram is taking all my favorite bloggers from me and i'm resentful.

i just turned 28 too and it IS weird! i don't know that i like it. i'm glad we're weird together.

i love seeing photos of your house. it is so so cute. ditto to you and your kids.

communikate. said...

you're alive?! it is a miracle!

i agree with abby, i'm a bit resentful. blogs are way better (plus they keep me entertained while i'm chained to my desk job for eight hours a day.)

and hello, hot mama!! you look so cute with your little baby bump.

pst.. happy birthday. i'll be thirty this year. if that isn't weird, i don't know what is.

chelsey meyer said...

where do you live? because it looks lovely and i want to move there.

Sherry Gammon YA Author said...

Love it! Can I adopt your kids as my grandkids!? I miss my little grandson so much:{ I promise not to tell Juje!

GrammaTina said...

Hey, those kids have a gramma in Indiana too! :-) I'm coming to town soon to visit! My grandbabies better be there when I get there! lol :-)

Sherry Gammon YA Author said...

Better hurry!

GrammaTina said...

I can't blame you Sherry, they are adorable. I'm sorry your grandson is far from you. My NY grandkids are too. I miss them!

Amanda said...

Its a good thing that we're friends on instagram. Even though I see you a couple times a week, there are times where reading your blog or seeing pics on instagram is just the humor that I need to get through the crazy times (like the witching hours).

Jordan said...

My blog has suffered the same semi-death-by-instagram.

This was perfect and I think I'll copycat the idea.

You're hired.

PS Loved seeing your more-petite-than-i-thought-but-just-as-awesome-self while you were here. Thanks for that!

ding_eab said...

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