Monday, May 07, 2012

Easter 2012: Oh No She Didn't, Oh Yes I Am!

This Easter the same traditional trip to Target the night before was made except this time it was scouring the empty shelves with Rebekah in Chapel Hill and lasted something like 2 hours. Which is better than a quick traditional trip to Target pre Easter alone in Rochester. You follow?
There were baskets and grass (that special kind that you find all over your house months after Easter) candy, chocolate, jammies, and trinkets times 7. We ate a bag of baked sour cream and cheddar chips in the check out line while we nervously made small talk to our check out employees to avoid the embarrassment of absolute overindulgence.  Nailed it!

And around some time like the break of dawn the next morning-7 children were up and the hunt was on:

 This picture is special to me because in the store that night Rebekah kept telling me her kids all hated peeps yet here they are all with a peep in hand devouring them for the Easter goodness that they are(you can't tell, but the subsequent pictures I took show their sugary remains on their lips).Just when you think you know your kids...When Bek and I get together, we have a weakness for high quality jammies we know our girls will love. Just look at them! Ha! Twin cousie tacky matchy heaven.

And no Easter is complete without a lala in hand and a lala in mouth and new lalas in a bucket.
The annoying aunt (who me?) made all the children sit on the porch in the sun for a group shot after church. Why does everyone hate the group shot? I don't get it? 

And then If my memory serves me correctly, we preceded to eat all the leftover candy in the duration of the 3 remaining days we were there. I think we calculated like a gallon of red bull consumed by the professional brothers used to stay up late doing professional things like playing video games.
And there's your overindulgence right there kiddos;)
The end.

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robin said...

i love everything about these pictures. i'm glad you got the group shot because those are priceless. priceless i tell you!!!

and when i meet your kids i will eat them.

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