Tuesday, November 01, 2011

We Made October Count At the Last Second

It was down to the pumpkin picking wire but we made it.
So in the shivering 45 degree cold, late Saturday afternoon, we trekked through the soft mudded grounds at Powers Farm Market.
A tradition(<-click) if we ever had one(<-click). (and here!)
The focus this year went to the haunted tepees.
In and out.
In and out.
In and out.
Back in,
back out.
Then one more time and we called it a day because we couldn't feel our fingers.
So we carved on Sunday and trick-or-treated on Monday and just like that October 2011 vanished into thin air.


communikate. said...

Your pictures are always beautiful. Speaking of beautiful.. You are! I've got some major clothes envy.

chelsey meyer said...

these photos are beautifullllll. glad you enjoyed a pumpkin patch - pretty sure you guys were the most attractive people there too.

robin said...

kelly. your pictures. they're killer! and your family... sheesh... so adorable.

and please come here so you can teach me how to dress.

abby said...

i'm going to agree with aforewritten (not a word?) comments: please come dress me and teach me how to take good pictures. they're amazing!

grammatina said...

I keep checking for an update...see you soon!!!

communikate. said...

2 weeks no blog.

what gives?! :)

kelly said...

Hi there, i just found your blog, not sure how :-)....i like it a lot..your pictures are beautiful ....

Holly said...

Hey, this is holly, friend of the Estrada clan and I'm writing to say that now I'm getting worried about you guys! I hope you are just happy-busy with life. Love your writing and photos and I miss your updates.


Katy said...

Alright, October was great, but now it's December! I've been on a bit of a hiatus myself but you should really come back now :)


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