Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Fall Tradition If We Ever Had One

WARNING! Fall Overload: Many pictures of the picturesque patches of upstate New York ahead...

Well we've done it again.
An annual trip to Powers Farm Market for our pumpkin pickin'/haunted teepees/ hayride/petting zoo(?) needs.

Complete with all the usual requirements to make the occasion: hot apple cider, locally made pumpkin doughnuts, and we even threw in one candied apple this year just to keep things fresh.

this goat was disgusting- just look at its spookster eyes and sick tongue

i got my candied apple right here

we took home two minis too small for carving and one covered in warts- my favorite

and it wasn't even sticky.......sike

red buddy's first trip to the patchery

And I will simply state for the record I really cannot get enough of the Fall.
I think I am most happy this time of year. Even a simple boring trip to the ever so dreaded grocery is a glorious sight to behold. Oh the trees around here!
And just today as the wind swirled up the brightly colored leaves past our picture window I took a deep breath, shut my eyes tight and had visions of us raking piles and piles of them for jumping over the next few Saturdays to come.
I know, me and everyone else on the planet who could go on and on about the fall.

but there it is, I said it.
so sue me;)


Amanda said...

Powers is a magical place. We went way early this year (in September) and it wasn't half as fun as it is when it's busy and there are twice as many pumpkins. And yes I love fall, but I think I'd rather have someone else come and rake my leaves for me. Are you for hire?

The Pingrees said...

i miss powers so much! i would die to go there in october again! your outfit is adorable.

k1 said...

I also love this season. I'm not sure I could ever move somewhere without one. If only it wasn't followed by that pesky winter.

robin said...

stop it. just stop it.

no, i'm just kidding. my snarkiness is only caused by my jealousy. i'm glad you're enjoying a beautiful fall. and reading your past two posts made me feel a little fall-ish.

i love your "picking pumpkins" outfit. i'm jealous. today we picked out our pumpkins on the steps outside a church and i was wearing crappy clothes.

Jen Richards said...

you always take the most amazing photos- seriously- you need to give me a few pointers! looks like it was such a great day! and can i come over and snuggle calvin? mine is getting too wild and wiggly these days!

Rebekah V. said...

I would comment but I am joking on my despair that we are not there.

I will say this though. Love the boots.

And also this. Doesn't Bopbop look particularly handsome in these? The sweather and jeans? upping the game.

And also. Everyone looks so cute and I want a bite of your candied apple please.

aaargghgghhghghghghghghghghg. choking on despair again.

Babajuje said...

Wasn't Gramma Teen there, too? I don't see her in any picties, Belly. Hate to start trouble, but just trying to help you with a preemptive strike. LOVE the annual event! Not as much as I love those kids...big ones included.

kelly said...

she already emailed me and asked where she was. i thought no good pictures was better than pictures she already saw and didn't like of herself. i think i guessed wrong. sorry mom

thanks everyone. i wish you were all there on the hayride with us, i would have taken your picture next to the goat with the tongue.

Hoesli's said...

I want ALL of your clothes! And your kids!!

Jordan said...

You have very pretty hair.

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