Monday, October 03, 2011

The New York City Post

I've kept my fans waiting long enough (bahahahahahaha).

The trip to New York was so many things. So many good good things. Tiring was one, but that good kind of tired. And since I'm almost always tired so nyc tired shall be deemed the good kind of tired. 
It was the kind of stroller-less walking, voice box exhausting, adolescent sleepover-ing, food hangover tired that every mother of very small children craves.  

I realized some things I didn't know and already sort of knew about myself on the trip:

I talk a lot. I probably only stopped talking when I was asleep.
I actually mostly hate large crowds of people. And Times Square. I definitely hate that place(you too?).
I really love eating without responsibility and eating when and where and for how long I wish.
When you're the primary caregiver of 3 small children, it takes a small circus act of arrangements and a small team of people to go anywhere for 4 days.
Getting there slow (on a train with 7 friends...lots of talking here) and coming home quick(under 1 hour jet blue flight) is the way to go. 
When traveling, Jeff and I mostly operate on a "no news is good news" policy.
The guilt of leaving a husband (mother-in-law, bless her heart) home with your three children fades alarmingly quickly (this one I already knew).
New York really does have the best pizza.
I took lots of phone pictures of the same 2-3 willing subjects.
Not a bad turn out for the Tunnel to Towers 5k. Not bad at all. Fun to be a part of, crowd and all.
Patriotism will catch you off guard and get you all choked up. 
Even though I have been to New York City a few other times, I never feel like I will see it all.
I want to see it all. I also would very much like to taste it all. I've already begun compiling a list of places I will eat on my next visit.
Double checking times for your Broadway showing of Billy Elliot never hurts. One close call and a pair of nasty ticket booth ladies later all was well. 
Broadway does things to me like nothing else does.
If you head over to Shake Shack after an evening show, chances you will run into the hilarious kid that played Michael in Billy Elliot are good. We attacked him for a photo and he was the cutest.
There is something strangely satisfying about figuring out the Metro(look, we arrived and it was easy!). 
The battery on my phone gets me through to roughly 2pm while taking pictures and running GPS.
I hate Century 21, but loved that mega changing room with the eternal mirrors in the wee back we sat in over an hour talking away (endless opportunities at the self portrait pic).
I walk fast.
I can get by on little sleep when 3 small children aren't involved.
I really loved climbing in the back seat of the car with those 3 small children at the airport even if I knew the disaster was at home waiting. And it was. 

Special thanks to Jeff, BabaJuje, Bop Bop, AprilJeannette, KatrinaAmanda, Mary, Lou and Deborah. 

Now, who wants to go back in the spring? Bek? Juje? Robin?
I've got this going out of town stuff down to a science.


chelsey meyer said...

is that a chocolate croissant i see??

Amanda said...

And might I add that you are fantastic to bunk with. No personal space was invaded during the night. And no sleep talking like someone else in the room, *cough, cough* Jeannette!

Such a fun trip and it will be done again in the future. Of this I can promise you.

communikate. said...

i want in on new york trip one of this years. sheesh one of this years.

looks like a great trip. billy elliott and shake shack? best.trip.ever.

robin said...

yay! i have been waiting for this post! (i'm a little behind on the reader... my bad.)

looks like so much fun was had! i love all the pictures and i agree with every word you said about the joys of traveling sans children (bless their hearts.)

and yes, i am so in. i think that sounds amazing! seriously... yes.

Rebekah V. said...

I have many things to say but I will say them to you in person THIS WEEK!!! But let me just say that you need to tell April that I LOVE her hair. She looks fabu with it cut short like that!

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