Tuesday, October 04, 2011

It's Photos Like This One

the pumpkin patch fall 2010

that insure there will in fact be a fourth baby Vaisey born eventually.
What a face! I will be needing another one. 


communikate. said...

what cute faces. I can't believe how much Lena looks like. Well, I mean I can.. you are her mom but still.

You guys make beautiful babes. You should have twenty.

kidding kidding.

Ande Burriola said...

Your children are beautiful! Don't you love this season! Love the pumpkins in the background!

Sarah, Steve, and Dalia said...

You definitely have the baby bite these days--once you start talking like this it is only a mater of weeks or months :) I wonder if that itch ever goes away... we are waiting patiently for number two to make his or her appearance, and I am always wondering, will there be another???

robin said...

well, get on with it!

Julie@HapaLAB said...

Four, four, four!!!! We want four Vaiseys!

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