Friday, August 19, 2011

One is Tender One is Fiery, Both Are My Sons

Simon was born with a heart the size of Texas. Literally. Just kidding. I hate when people misuse the word literally.
He is tender and loving and cuddly and gentle and hard to reason with.

Calvin seems to be on the path of Lenadom(destruction, mischief, stand up comedy, pazazz with jazz hands) And having Simon as an older brother gives him a leg up and he will probably receive fewer sassed-my-mother mouthfuls of soap because of it.

You could consider yourself pretty lucky to be born Simon's baby brother. Pretty lucky indeed.
But since you're obviously already born here's a few reasons why:
  • He can teach you all about Star Wars and Legos and sometimes Star Wars Legos.
  • He'll teach you that it's always better to get someone else to put your shoes and clothes on than actually doing it yourself.
  • He will most likely kiss you on your head and swipe your cheek gently immediately after as if to seal his kiss into the eternities. Calvin eats Star Wars Legos
  • If you pretend cry, you can get him to do anything you want. (But you would never want to abuse his tenderness in this manner, this is only for use in desperate situations)
  • He'll stay up with you till midnight because he doesn't care for sleep much, but if you prefer to sleep in on such midnight occasions, he will use the ipad in the corner turned down low until you wake instead of giving himself a whiteout mani/pedi or bathe in your lotions like someone else you may know(ahemLENAahem*coughcough).
  • He will show you the cautious and safe way to do things, but he won't hold you back. No, he wouldn't dream of it.
  • He will teach you that there are few things better on Earth than dogs
Boys in the Crib
  • He'll miss you so much when you're gone and teach you the art of exciting most easily.
  • But most importantly he doesn't complain much and will ask his mother's permission almost always and won't cross the street alone(these are a mother's favorites)and he'll show you how to do likewise
In conclusion, Calvin, your sister is pretty amazing too(and funny and loud and an expert eye roller), but if you see her jumping off any cliffs just sit down beside Simon on the sidelines instead. It will spare you much discipline from your parents and probably save your life. Literally.


chelsey meyer said...

the sweetest boy.

Sherry Gammon Author Of Unlovable said...

You need to write a book! Love your post. Sweet, funny, tear-worthy!

Babajuje said...

Beautiful grandchildren I have!

Sherry Gammon Author Of Unlovable said...

But they get their beauty from your friends...namely, ME!

robin said...

that was literally the sweetest post ever.

so, so, so sweet. i love the pictures of them together in the crib.

calvin's hair has me wishing sawyer's would grow back already (grr josh.)

kelly said...

no sherry, i will leave the book writing to the

babajuje- you DO have cute grandchildren. lucky you.

robin- I'm afraid I might have to give in and cut the locks. right? surely i should?

Amanda said...

When being Simon's younger brother isn't an option we will have to settle for being his best friend. Our two are so dang similar, and their younger siblings are nothing but trouble.

kelly said...

nothing but trouble.

Rebekah V. said...

Maybe not a book. Maybe a weekly column. You would be a great columnist. Kelly in Real Life. You could get a picture of your head resting on pancakes.

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