Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just A Wednesday From Many Angles: To The Future Us

Hey, remember how on any given day in the summer months we could be found buying and spending time at Bop Bop and BabaJuje's, swimming and jumping the afternoon away?

It was fun and you didn't know that we did it partially because sometimes the house needs to stay clean for more than 10 minutes.
Kelly Phone Pics18
Kelly Phone Pics12
Kelly Phone Pics19
Kelly Phone Pics11
Kelly Phone Pics17
Kelly Phone Pics15
Kelly Phone Pics16Kelly Phone Pics13Kelly Phone Pics14
I just didn't want us to forget. I really loved those summer days with you.

Also helpful picture reminders- Calvin: in case your hair darkens like your father's has with age, remember it was on fire at age 15 months. On fire.
Self: there was a time in your life when you rocked a deep v neck t-shirt. Your welcome;)


Amanda said...

It is the summer of deep v neck tees. You look smokin' Kelly. But that may be because of Calvin's fire red hair. Hardy har har.

kelly said...

it is the summer of the target deep v tee!

communikate. said...

i love the v! you look great!

annndd.. your babe's red hair is sweet. my grandpa used to always say he'd give one of us 1,000 dollars if we could give hime a red headed great grandchild. sadly, it never happened before he passed away. :)

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