Monday, August 22, 2011

On Friday, Jeff Stayed Home From Work

...something about his office and paint fumes.
After staying up entirely too late on Thursday the following morning begged for an attempt at sleeping in even if it was a pathetic display at best. Then we finally dragged ourselves out of bed to the relentless screams of a certain red head and promptly made a bagel run. I attacked the house while the baby slept and he took the olders to swim at BB and BBJJs (Bop Bop and BabaJuje's in case you didn't know: Grandma and Grandpa in case you still didn't know) Then we met back up with matching bags under our eyes and while fighting back yawns, together we took the children for ice cream down by the canal.
And because it was Friday and not yet Saturday, it was better.

Then the children were wired at bedtime and while laying with the 3 year old with insomniac tendencies I counted 71(actual number of times) repeat requests for a drink of water before I finally succumbed to his sleep stalling. His quiet voice in the dark was too much to resist and for every 15 "can I have a drink of water"s there was a "mommy, do you heeeeear me". My laughter was my giveaway.

Then sleep (finally) came for them and sleep for us came eventually but not before staying up too late again to watch WWll HD (I can't look away!) on Netflix.
Why, Netflix? Why?
Then Sunday didn't come, but instead we welcomed a Saturday and another day together. Then another round of late night Netflix because we'll never learn, but this time it was a solo viewing of North and South for me and a new x-box game for him. Sometimes we decompress in divide and conquer-like fashion.
But still, two days in a row of blessed family idleness!

The moral of the story is that surprise 3-day weekends are the best and we need to start going to bed earlier. Why do we crave the late nights? I blame it on small children, just like I do most everything else. I want to stay up because I need the "free" awake time. But I need to sleep because my "unfree" awake time requires a lot of energy. More energy than I have I confess. These days there is no middle ground to be found.
Damned if we do, damned if we don't.
But also in a good way, ya know?


robin said...

a friday that's like a saturday sounds like the best present ever.

and it's official. our families would be best friends. you guys do the kind of stuff we do. and late nights? yeah. i'm guilty. because it's my "me time". it's bad. real bad.

love the pictures!

MaryPosa said...

Oh I love these photos. And isn't the sleep stalling thing just the greatest? :)

kelly said...

it IS the greatest. i mean worst.

kelly said...

robin, it was already officially official. but your husband had to "graduate" and "move your family to boca"
rochester would be a fine place to be a doctor. or maybe boca needs more lawyers?

robin said...

i would give my right arm to move back to upstate new york!

and yes, boca definitely needs more lawyers. and the house next door is empty...

Babajuje said...

Boca doesn't need any lawyers. I need my grandchildren right here in upstate New York! Ha!

Esq. and Mrs. Esq...Go to bed, will ya? You are making my old head hurt. Your photos keep getting better and better. What is your secret????

Grammatina said...

Why is my grandson wearing pink shorts? Just curious.....

kelly said...

ha- they do look pink mutha, but they are actually red and white stripped.

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