Wednesday, July 06, 2011

You Should Know, (sacred moments are upon us)

the summer of Vaisey is back in full effect-except more like mini effect because a certain Vaisey family will only be around for the rest of this week (they bought their "first" really "nice" new house and said something about wanting to go back and "get their lives started" in North Carolina or "settled" or "unpacked" or "set roots" or something like that)

So to consolidate a summer into 10 days? Can it be done? It must.
We must seize the day and eat and laugh and skip sleep and go full glitz.

Just yesterday Rebek and I lounged in the pool talking and talking face to face(her face is the best)! And instead of ignoring our children while chatting on the phone, we ignored our skin and have the red burning flesh to prove it. Let it be known, when we're together something is getting ignored.

Here we can be seen pictured wasting no time together: 4th of Julying and boat riding and parading.
the cottage
and more cottage
What will be do next!? Nobody knows.

Now if you will excuse me, time is of the essence.
you understand.

3 comments: said...

Such nice pictures!

robin said...

go, go! i know how sacred cousin time is!

(and, when you're not busy, tell me how you post pictures side by side like that please)

Jordan said...

Stow away with her when she leaves so we can meet "fer realz".

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