Monday, June 27, 2011

The Children Missed Us So Much While We Were Away

Did you know sometimes I can be sarcastic?
It's one of my best charms.
this is what it looks like when you are loved very much by a very involved grandmother

Lena and Simon ran to us and hugged us then promptly asked, "What did you bring us!?"
Then we unloaded the loot we purchased for them at the Deseret Book Store.

I'm pretty sure the baby is making me earn back his affection for abandoning him yet another weekend. He greeted me with a sly smile and a twist of the wrist letting me know in my arms is not where he wanted to be. The nerve!
In terms of careers, that is the equivalent of receiving a major pay cut.
I'll show him.

It's good to be back. More on Utah and what's to look forward to in July (here's a hint...6 certain someones!!!)


abby said...

whoa whoa whoa, UTAH?! i wish we could have serendipitously run into each other!

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