Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Was Like a Blink of an Eye

Since their departure one measly week after their arrival I haven't brought myself to sit down and unload the vast amounts of pictures that were taken of our togetherness until now.
Boy, I'm tired! I had the tinniest twinge to blog today so I'm running with it. I remember why I prefer to write a little something more often because now I can't move forward until the Fourth is behind us in full force.
Here in New York, when the cousins come in July, we press repeat and keep it traditional.
Ready for stale parades and cousin luuuv?
It went like this, Monday: Fairport villiage parade
but not before
Sunday: Wolcott fireworks & cottage
of the fourth of July.
I hope I keep feeling twingy so I can share the rest of our week together in what will be known as the Summerish of Vaisey in honor of last year and because we got the condensed version this year.

I offered to have them stay longer(the rest of the summer?) and all sleep in our upstairs multipurpose "playroom" complete with fold out bed and limited floor space due to what I refer to as "obese amounts of un-played with toys and crap," but for some reason they declined. I can't figure it out?
All I can think of it that I guess you grow pretty snobby when you become new home owners.


communikate. said...

i love your kids patriotic get ups. so sweet.
and who doesn't love a little bit of light sticks and what not?

robin said...

sawyer has two of the same shirts as simon in this post. (the blue checkered and red/navy blue stripe.) just keeping with the theme of our families being twinsies...

ok, you look cute all the time. where'd you get that red skirt and that awesome grey striped shirt? please tell me it was recent....

kelly said...

I think we both have a thing for kids clothes and target. or just target.
the red skirt is from H&M and I love it(also comes in a navy blue), except when I eat too much, then it is too tight. Zippered after all. the shirt is anthro except I have to type anthropologie because i hate "anthro". it's cozy(just like Bentley's daughter's name) and it was on sale. both recent.

robin said...

thanks for the info.

and thanks for typing all of "anthropologie".

and i love how you can just say "cozy (like bentley's daughter's name) and i know exactly what you're talking about.

i'm getting that skirt.

Rebekah V. said...

It is not that we are snobby its just that we are so much better than you.

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