Friday, June 24, 2011

ROC to ORD to SLC then SLC to ORD to ROC

Jeff and I are headed to Salt Lake in the early morn for a funeral.
A good friend of his was killed in an accident last weekend.
Can I reverently say that death is so weird? We will have plenty to discuss on the way out.

We will miss the children (one of us less than the other) but we will be in and out surgically and back by Sunday.
A special award/medal/honor/knighthood will be presented to BabaJuje upon our return as she will be granted temporary guardianship this weekend.
Why do children always have a knack to sense a trip is coming then give you a whopper of a day as a send off present?

And if we die in a plane crash, children, know I love you more than anyone on this earth even when I say things like "one of us will miss you less than the other"(plus you can't prove that person is me)
also- Steve & Rebekah, please see to it that they go to church and college.
You can figure out the in-between stuff.

Images from Jeff's cell phone:
he always seems to have some good ones filed away...


communikate. said...

sorry to hear about your friend. death is so so weird. especially when it's someone young.

safe travels!

Rebekah V. said...

Please give his family our condolences. I really enjoyed meeting him in Paris and the few other times we interacted. Weird is the perfect word...and disorienting too.

church...check. college...check. You would do the same, I know. I'll even throw in some snuggling and tell them about their mom and how great she is.

I am morbid.

Amanda said...

Oh, you'll be back. And don't worry, Be and I often discuss what would happen if we die. Morbid indeed. Eat some good food while you're out there at least... like In N Out and Cafe Rio. It'll make the trip a little perkier.

MaryPosa said...

I'm sorry you have to be in Utah for such a sad event. Shall I drive up to Salt Lake and kidnap you for lunch? (which would probably be incredibly creepy since we've never actually met. Even more so since I used the word "kidnap")
Have a safe trip! :)

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