Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jeff is 33

We fight like any other married couple about the budget and discipline and division of labor. About how long it takes for him to put the older children to bed (a long time). We are honest and upfront with how we feel and are both outspoken people. Plus he's a lawyer and I think he was one long before he passed the Bar Exam.
But here are some things I know to be true about Jeff:

He is kind to his children and more patient than I am
He isn't easily discouraged
He works hard, long hours for his family
He is really good at his job
He is not handy- the first picture he hung in our first apartment as a married couple had roughly 7 holes behind it
Jeff is funny- really funny
He loves gadgets, Seinfeld, and all four Lethal Weapon movies
Jeff doesn't like movies about children losing parents or parents losing children
He indulges and hops aboard my adventures in the unordinary such as home birth and raising chickens
He is genuinely concerned about my happiness
Jeff does not put his shoes away when he gets home from work- I kind of don't like that
He is a good friend and has loads of amazing friends
Jeff plays in a soccer league and has consistently since the day I met him- I could spot his run on a soccer field from a mile away
He lets me sleep in nearly every Saturday morning even though he is gone off to work before we wake most days
He is loyal
He can prepare a talk/lesson the day of and still completely rock it- a skill I will never acquire
He is the reason I following through with anything
He wholeheartedly supports me wanting to go back to school
and he supports me wanting to stay home
Jeff likes video games but never has time to play them anymore- I kind of like that
He listens to my fears and irrational thoughts and reasures me-always reassuring
Jeff 's biggest fear is losing his family
and our biggest fear is losing him.

Happy Birthday, B
What a good thing we've got going on. We've learned so much between these last two birthdays, wouldn't you say?
It was funny when we ambushed you on your actual birthday with a secret water balloon fight and the balloons wouldn't pop.

Holy cow (remember how we say that when we look at our children and can't believe how beautiful they are and lucky we are?) we love you.
Ninety come on bring it;)
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