Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Literally, Ann Perkins

I'm feeling sentimental and invigorated. Maybe I'll cut my hair. The season has found us outdoors at all hours of the day. My children are still alive and well and still covered with dirt. If you want the neighborhood gang to congregate to your back yard, just insert chickens and a trampoline. They will come. Trust me. They will come in flocks, daily. They will ask for snacks too.

We are immensely enjoying sun and mid seventies. After being out all day one day last week, shoeless and happy as a 5 year old could be I overheard Lena say, "This is the best day of my life!". I think she's a lot like me. If I had an addiction it would be sugar, but if I had another addiction it would be the sun. It refuels me in ways nothing else can. The sun and I have a close relationship but of course always chaperoned by sunscreen or a big floppy hat.
The blueberry bushes went in last week and they have already been attacked by the squirrels. That annoys the dickens out of me.
But they look as healthy as can be and hopefully, with a little problem solving (bebe gun?), they will thrive and bare fruit before too long. We joined an all fruit CSA and I suspect those Vaisey children of mine will turn into fruit before the summer's over.

And this time of year brings so much on the To Do list, inside and out. Mulching, small scale landscaping projects, garden tending, paint the kitchen, cover the dining room chairs, curb the living room couch and find a new one(the old one smells like pee), paint the coop, plant flowers- just to name a handful. There is such a thing as happy work. Don't you think? Oh and someone has to do the very filthy children's daily laundry. I'm just happy when that particular work is done.

The saddest room in the house-the downstairs bathroom is being ripped apart next week. Having a first floor powder room once again will be preferable to wet shorts from certain 3 year old.
But I am happy to report I am happy.


Beach Hendersons said...

How fun. We don't have anything even remotely close to a CSA here which completely bums me out. My sister in law has been doing one for a couple years in Raleigh and I'd move there, just for that.
Guess we'll have to settle for the beach?

kelly said...

I for one would trade fruit for the beach:)

Amanda said...

Do you think merely joining the fruit co-op will make me litterally as healthy as Chris from Parks and Rec? I sure hope so.

robin said...

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