Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tones Vaisey Does The Ranch

Late last year Jeff formed a partnership with a friend of his.
Jason and his lovely wife, Nicole, live close to us and have four young children. We all get along so swimmingly and are very happy to report business is good. Sometimes too good. But lucky for us, Jason and Nicole not only have children that our children adore, they also have a pool. It's basically a win win.
And remember Carol? the one with horses that Jeff used to work with at his previous job? She's now part of the Tones Vaisey gang and a couple of weekends ago we all met up at her and her husband Frank's ranch to let the children loose, breathe in the air and take in the sites of their country goodness once again...
The future of Tones Vaisey:
Calvin and Jason Jr. aka JJ
who wouldn't want to wake up to these sites everyday?
But living on a ranch is probably a lot of work.
While I'm not afraid of work, I am kind of afraid of horses.
maybe I don't speak horse, but if this door wasn't between us, I think he would very much like to trample me

We'll just keep on enjoying our Tones/Vaisey family visits to Frank and Carol's where the kids can have pony rides and play in horse bedding and I can take pictures of their beauty while trying to avoid direct eye contact with their horses.


Donsher said...

LOVE the horse pics...but then again, I LOVE horses!

Wahzat Gayle said...

I know you didn't want comments on your Hubbie's birthday post... but it was sooooo awesome I just had to.
Happy Birthday to him!

Oh your pictures are amazing in all your posts :)

abby said...

these pics of the country and country folk do my little heart good.

and don't tell me you're turning off comments. are you turning off comments?

Toni said...

Oh!!! raising my kids on a farm/ranch/country is my dream life.
Maybe one day!!!
beautiful pictures!

robin said...

i always love your pictures! i know i say that all the time. but i do.

your family is adorable and i long for our families to get together!

Grammatina said...

I wanted to comment on Jeff's birthday post too. Kelly, my girl, I am so proud of the wonderful woman you have become. I love your blog and your way of writing. You have always had a knack for it. Jeff is a wonderful man and I am happy you two found each other. What a beautiful family. That red head sure stands out! Love and miss my babies.
Love mom

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