Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter this year:
Easter-best dressed children for Church
Unexpectedly feeling the spirit in sharing time while subbing for the 8 year olds
An Easter basket hunt
Fresh hydrangeas
Jelly beans on the kitchen floor
Colored paper grass spread throughout the entire house that Jeff and I had a humungous fight about
A failed self-timed family photo
A family lesson following the most delicious Sunday dinner at BabaJuje's about the Resurrection
And so we ended our Sabbath -bellies stuffed full of commercial Easter and our minds with the Savior.
Both quite satisfying.


robin said...

i ALWAYS love your pictures. your family kills me...

Amanda said...

You can thank me later for letting you sub for my primary class :)

kelly said...

they were great amanda. i think it's because I brought calvin and my "iphone" even though it's not an iphone. SO glad you're back!

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