Friday, April 22, 2011

He Leaves On Saturday And I Don't Want To Talk About It

What will I do without help/entertainment from my brother manny*?
This is the question I ask myself daily.
I am going to cry on the way home from taking him to the airport.
And after that I am giving myself a brief period of mourning the loss.

*a term I borrowed from Robin who also had a brother manny. lucky us.


Rebekah V. said...

This is the saddest thing ever. I am not talking about the rake guitar. I am talking about the return to solitary days. blech. I remember when Jeremy left. suck.

ps. my verification word is "gangsyne" is that like the tagging version of gang sign? westside.

Anonymous said...

This is Estrada family friend, Holly. I just want to say this boy is rad. I am sorry for the loss of your visit w/ your rad bro. Also, I think I'll take the opportunity to say that yours is the one and only "mom blog" that I read. (I don't count Bekah's or my friend Karyn's blog because that I consider that just keeping up w/ my friends. Plus neither of them post.)Anyway, I think you are genuine and funny without (in short) falling into the pure sarcasm trap or the pure bliss trap. I like your style. Also, Lena once transformed herself into a pygmy with your makeup and I have loved her Cindy Sherman miniature genius ever since. All your kids are cute but I also have to say that that pudgy redheaded babe just kills me! I favor babies who look like they've won a 1950s baby contest and he sure does. I started looking at this blog to see more pics of Bekah's family and I love coming back and seeing what you're up to.

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