Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remember That Time My Brother Stayed With Us For 3 Weeks?

I dedicate the rest of this week to Ryan (brother manny) memories.
We laughed a lot while he was here. A lot.
We (he) worked a lot while he was here too.
I miss being able to leave the house with no one in tow because he was here to stay with the children of the corn.
I miss having someone go out back and entertain those children of the corn on the trampoline.
Even that time he almost convinced Lena to eat a worm (true).
I miss having someone amped up (on red bull?) and ready to tackle any project I wanted to do (including silver leafing a dresser!) That's brotherly dedication at it's best.

I don't however, miss him sleeping in late when I couldn't. That was super lame of him.

So, let us recap those memories, shall we?
While they are still fresh and Vampire Weekend's Contra is still playing (maybe we listened to it 100 times while he was here, so what who cares).


MaryPosa said...

Oh, I feel the same way when my little sister comes to stay. And Contra is definitely worthy of 100+ plays.

robin said...

three cheers for mannies!

(i love seeing the glee on calvin's face on that trampoline...)

kate said...

he's cute. he should marry my little sister? she's cute, and helpful, and like vampire weekend.

think about it and get back to me.

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