Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summer of Vaisey Video Series: Take 6 & 7

Footage of the beloved cottage!
When I think of this past summer two major things come to mind,

1.BabaJuje's pool
2.The cottage

What more is there to say?
I think I might cry a little...

And the cottage montage's side kick: A cottage slide show
(you can pretend to care if you feel up to it:)


grammatina said...

love all these videos....the music is perfect for each one. Good job Jeff and Kelly! :-)

Sarah, Steve, and Dalia said...

I love this one! Your family is so cute! And the girl in the blue suit is just gorgeous!!!

Adorable kiddos, too! So sweet... what a FUN summer!

Jodie said...

Your sister in law is a doll! I loved watching your videos. Except that it makes me long for warmer weather. Ah, the joys of living in NY in the winter. Is it over yet?

Rebekah V. said...

it is true...all the sunny california weather cannot make me love you any better! These videos make me cry and I can't wait to be at the cottage again this summer with everyone! Do you remember when we took the jetski out and took off to canada?

kelly said...

see rebekah? they like you, they really like you.
thanks everyone for your kind comments.
the cottage will be waiting bek. and w maybe this year we'll make it all the way to canada.

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