Monday, January 17, 2011

Simon Turned Three on the Fifteenth

His only birthday requests were french fries and a "thomas-the-tank-engine-goes" cake
(his words).

I got through the whole day, busy as a bee (moms do a lot of running around on birthdays you know- half of mine was spent trying to wash the food coloring off my dry wintery hands). I wanted to make sure he was smiling and that he felt loved.
Then after the candles were blown out, the presents unwrapped, and the guests were long gone I sat plunked in the computer chair browsing through photos of that life-changing day three years ago.
The day that made me the mother to a boy for the first time. I can recall so vividly, the feeling of complete gratitude when his little (big-little) body was born in our upstairs bedroom on a snowy, grey winter day in January.
Simon brings such a different joy to this house and with every meaty-pawed grace of my face from him I feel the absolute luckiest.

Here's to 3!


Wahzat Gayle said...

Oh wow!
Happy Birthday to your son
My son would just die and go to heaven if I gave him the Isle of Sodor.

Good job mommy :)

(saying hello via running mommy )

kate lines said...

you have a son who is that cute, his name is simon AND you have a red-head? just not fair.

kate lines said...

oh and i'm kate, nice you meet you. :)

Amanda said...

Ethan has been talking about Simon's b-day cake for the past few days. He was obviously impressed. Me on the other hand... I was too! He has already requested to have a "Cars" birthday party. One to rival Simon's. Wanna get your hands dirty for that one in May?!?

Jen Richards said...

Daniel was obsessed with the cake too and I think he ate a whole pound of fondant that night. Happy birthday Simon!!

abby said...

holy freaking cute! both the boy and the party. makes me feel a wee bit guilty for the chuck-e-cheese "party" i gave milo. except he loved it and he doesn't read blogs so he doesn't know what he's missing out on. ha! but seriously, i was the one who suffered because that place is h-e-double-q. (as my mom says.)

robin said...

adorable. ollie was looking over my shoulder and he kept wanting to look at all the pictures of simon's party. they are internet buddies, too!

and i totally see molly ringwald!

kelly said...

fondant does a body good.

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