Friday, January 14, 2011

The New Snow In Town

On Wednesday, it snowed the mother-load.
We self-declared it a snow day and ditched preschool.
I like to think that one day I will be the type of mother that scoops her children out of school just because.
I always daydreamed my mom would come take me out of school during the middle of taking a test for no reason. She never did. One time my BFF and I faked sick together (sounds like a solid plan, right?) and we both went to the nurse's office and called our moms. Her mom said she couldn't come home, but mine said it was ok and since my mom worked, my friend's mom came and picked me up, took me back to her house and I laid in her bed until my mom came and picked me up promptly after work. Total backfire.
School is so overrated.

On our snow day, Lena and I passed the time by making popsicle stick replicas of everyone in the family:
putting the final touches on Esq.'s business attire

admiring her handy work

note: Jeff's red afro, the desperation in my crossed eyes and sketchy smile, Simon's tears

also note: baby consumed 2 entire slices of bread while witnessing the creation of his popsicle stick replica

The rest of the day was spent building train tracks, making and eating batches of chocolate chip cookies, making play dough castles and birthday cakes, snuggling on the couch, practicing doing business on the potty, and watching movies. Some simultaneously! I even gave the housekeeper the day off (in other words- I pig sty-ed it up all day).

And if there's one thing I've perfected it's coming up with new justification to just stay home.

But darn it all if those snow plowers aren't totally on top of their game in Rochester!!

1 comment:

robin said...

your pictures are gorgeous!

okay, i have to talk about this. the way you talk about staying home sounds dreamy... but i cannot, CANNOT stand staying home! the fighting, the messes, the eating of all the cookies (by me)... is something wrong with me?

does that have anything to do with my anxiety issues?

(now you've become my therapist...)

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