Friday, January 14, 2011

Summer of Vaisey Video Series: Take 5

Tired of summer videos yet?
We had so much ground to cover and we tried our darndest to keep them short and sweet but in the end we had a 50 minute compilation.
This particular summer memory still involves water but this time it was spewing out of plastic and came with weapons!

We really tried to keep as much raw footage in these sequences as possible- when you're using them as family keepsakes to watch after your children have grown I think more is better. In other words, we didn't use a lot of extras or tricks. But, for the record I'm a fan of extras and tricks. We just had SO much to do and not very much time to do it in.
We might go back and add to these later- like highlight for example the part in this video where Eloise is complaining the water is freezing her out. Stuff like that.


robin said...

i've loved the videos...

but the sound on my laptop isn't working so sadly i haven't heard them which is lame!

Rebekah V. said...

for the record. Best christmas present EVER.

abby said...

that really is the best christmas present ever! i'm so impressed! and jealous! you guys did a great job. and you both have dang cute and hilarious kids.

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