Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer of Vaisey Video Series: Take 4

There was swimming. Lots of swimming (this is the first of a few).
Lots of poolside-chatting, diving board-jumping, popsicle-eating swimming.
When Simon watched this video back for the first time he said,
"I want to go there"
Me too little buddy, me too.

And if I close my eyes hard enough, I'm there. Even though now, roughly 2 feet of snow is covering that heavenly summer bath.
For now we'll make some snow angels and dream of a poolside summer to come...


grammatina said...

very cute....:) Lena is quite the swimmer! I love the nose-picking right at the very

Donsher said...

My fave so far!! Fun!

Rebekah V. said...

thrilled at my internet swimsuit debut. If you are looking for a fireplug just use my body. I did finally manage the trick though. sigh. I wish we were back there.

kelly said...

you look beaut bek. and look how well you and the professor work should get married and have four kids or something, oh wait you already did.

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