Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Summer of Vaisey Video Series: Take 9

Before our favorite Vaisey family of 6 left us last summer, we paid a visit to the Genesee Country Village & Museum, A 19th century country village with over 40 furnished buildings all containing costumed historic interpreters. I particularly enjoyed the ones that never broke character.
And talk about eye candy for the camera lens!
The cousins ran amuck while we fell back and enjoyed a beautiful day outside-real old school style.
We might have even learned a thing or two.

One more thing: Those of you who watch it all the way through there is something at the end that just may make you laugh...out loud, as in LOL.
I know I did.


Donsher said...

The ending made my knees ache! Another great V and V production! Thanks for sharing.

k1 said...

these videos are making we want t-shirts, shorts, sunshine, green grass and maybe even humidity!

kelly said...

wishing for humidity is a sure sign of winter cabin fever if I ever saw one.

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