Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Made In China and Other Things

I had peppermint Joe Joe's for breakfast (among other Joe's holiday assortments) and since there isn't a Trader Joe's to be found for miles and miles that can only mean one thing: A Christmas miracle or heaven sent gifts from the California Vaiseys. The note read:

Dear Jeff, Kelly, Lena, Simon and Calvin,

We wish you a merry Trader Joe's Christmas.
And we hope you get fatter than us.

Love, Steve, Rebekah and the rest

In other news, I have been on a Christmas blogging vacation. I take opportunities to be lazy wherever I can find them these days. Here are some pics from last week when I took my little Vaiseys to visit their Grandmother for the holiday season because I'm a good daughter (not lazy). I think the last time I made the drive to my mom's to NJ was last February. I like to make her really crave us so I can justify my laying around and sleeping in while I'm there (lazy).

And so tonight we'll finish up Christmas odds and ends then we'll let the holiday ride. Young children are really fun on Christmas, not to mention easy peasy to pleasey. Lena asked for a giant barbie head you can put makeup on (?) and Simon's small sized real head would explode at the sight of any gift that has anything to do with Toy Story.
Handmade schmandmade, this year give the kids what they really want...


teamBoo said...

So two red head mothers? Those are some giant red head odds. Also, i'm with you...handmade is for overachievers. Plastic is so easy I want to french kiss it.

MaryPosa said...

Aaah! Star Wars pillowcase!!! I love it so.

And i'm a big fan of redheads, also pictures of sleeping babes.

Hope your Christmas is wonderful!!

Babajuje said...

Now I know where Lena gets those faces!

grammatina said...

Hey Juje, I've seen some of your silly faces too.,.,we share the red hair PLUS the silly face genetics! We're in this together!

We had a good time Kelly. You shold visit more often...

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