Friday, December 10, 2010

A Santa That Doesn't Sleep Through Any Night

Feel like decking the halls on your own baby/loved one's face?
It's called Picnik and it's a lot of fun.

Once, in law school, Jeff photoshopped his two friends' heads over the top of some frat dudes wearing ugly Christmas sweaters holding cups of cocoa standing with some random guy that had sweet Justin Bieber hair. It looked so real. Then he made a facebook page for the random guy with Justin Bieber hair and called him Trav. Then he enhanced Trav to have highlights because he thought that was something Trav would do.
He also put together an entire campaign for his friend running for Law School class president. It was chock full of eagles, apple pie and other iconic American things. I'm mostly sure it's what won him the election. That footage is kept deep in the depths of our hard drive for save keeping. It was like so unprofessional.
In fact we have an entire folder somewhere dedicated to the photoshop-your-friends artistic talents of sir Esq. Vaisey. But if you ask him about, he might deny the whole thing.
Anyway, the the moral of the story is, you don't have to be like law school Jeff who had way too much time on his hands to enjoy some sweet photo editing.

*And if you don't have as much fun putting realistic-like Santa whiskers on your baby/ loved one then I don't think I even know you anymore.


robin said...

that is truly hilarious. i love picnik and you know that's where i'm headed right now...

teamBoo said...
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teamBoo said...

One time Adam photoshopped one of my girl-friends faces over his own. It was in a picture of he and i posing in central park where he happened to be grabbing my left boob. It was so freaky real looking. Then he put it on her fridge.

I wonder if picnik has that feature...?

Sarah, Steve, and Dalia said...

I know all about not sleeping through the night. 13 1/2 beautiful months of not sleeping through the night. Sigh, they are worth it, though :)

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