Tuesday, December 21, 2010

6 Years

I'm all yours


What a year, huh? Let's stick to the same job this next year and shoot for no babies being born. Those two things in combination can really take their toll, dontcha think? Thank you for the ambition and drive you show everyday for our family (because me + a real job with responsibility= ha! and you + full time household duties also equal ha!). And also for giving me a red-headed son.
Through thick and thin (quite literally) I hope we always laugh, even if it is at other people.
And even when we yell (which we totally never do ... ...) I hope we always make up;)

Happy Anniversary!

I love you eternally.


Babajuje said...

Cracking me up!!!

grammatina said...

did you cut and color your hair?

kelly said...

no cut, just a channeling of Ferra that day I guess. I'm all out of ideas when it comes to me hair. fresh out.

MaryPosa said...

Check out those fantastic lips!!

Have a very Happy Christmas!

Lauren Elizabeth Stanford said...

ok, so I don't even know you... but I actually teared up a little on this post. lol That sounds exactly like how our life has been the last couple of years.
Thanks for your blog, it is so cute. I have stalked it all day today like a total creeper. Don't judge. ;)

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