Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sisters, Moms, Cousins and Stuff

My sisty and her fam fam came merrily to town last weekend.

Talk about your ginormous surprises.

When that white minivan pulled into my driveway last Thursday evening, I couldn't believe my eyeballs!
That's a grand total of: my mother dear, my slave-for-a-brother, my sister, her three children ages 6 (stone), 3 (max) and 20 months (owen), her husb Shane (aka white Dr. Dre) and the currently residing family.
If you're bad at math it's 11.

11 peeps.

All in our gigantic 1400 sq. ft. abode.
With a planned homebirth right around the corner.
And to think, I only had like one nervous breakdown all weekend.
not bad.

Truth be told, it was so very nice to have them all here. My mom kept things spiffy clean as usuge, my sister did like 5 loads of laundry, and my brother-in-law painted shutters with Ryan and even did a little yard work in his good shoes. Plus you can't beat the company.
All while the children played amongst themselves.
Plus, they were here for Lena's big 4th birthday bash.

So, here are a lot of random pictures of some people I really love:

I'm so glad I didn't have to kick anyone out due to birth related matters.
I hope this visit doesn't mean you're not coming back this summer when the babe is born.
I promise I'll be way more fun then (like less spazzing out over suitcases lurking behind every corner and waddling from activity to activity).
Think about it.


Amanda said...

My in-laws have that same Kershisnik print and I love it! Where'd you get yours?

It was fun to meet your sister last week, and I'm glad the house wasn't too crowded with the addition of one more body while they were there!

Hoesli's said...

Don't worry sist we've already begain to talk about dates to come this summer. And yes, it will be fun!

kelly said...

i love the print too. i've seen it popping up all over the place. I found mine at

Angie R said...

Cute pics! I know those people!! ;)

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