Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lena Turns 4

While I've been busy packing on a pound per week, we've all been busy doing lots of things(are you ready for updates?).
Special significant things like celebrating our firstborn's 4th year of life.

Esq. and I took her out on a date without Simon(per her request). She mostly acted weird and quiet,
that is until we took her to Petco for her ultimate birthday surprise...

A pet beta fish, whose name happens to be Noley.

She was thrilled and even picked out a mini castle for his fishbowl kingdom... until she saw the hamsters and wanted one instead...until she saw the ferrets and wanted one of those instead.
Either way, we came home with Noley and he has been the world's most awesome (gross and murky-watered) pet ever.

That Saturday we did the family thing with homemade pizzas, Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda (always along for the celebrating around here), and pink bubbly to toast.

The birthday banner graced the kitchen once again, and pink cupcakes with a cherry on top wished the birthday girl well into her next year.

new clothes

Happy Birthday you nut.
You are seriously the funniest.


Amanda said...

Happy 4th Lena! You really are a nut. There's no other way to describe it.

Donsher said...

Too adorable! Happy Bday!

Kera said...

i would say the par-tay was a success. fun. would ya have the freaking baby already?

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