Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Belated Scenes From a Vaisey Easter

We got up.
We hunted for Easter baskets.
We lounged all day in pajamas watching conference.
We had an Easter dinner at Granny and Gramp's.
We retired to our beds with spiritual enlightenment and chocolate and peeps hangovers.

I give you, Easter 2010:


robin said...

i love your house. i'm coming over.

and that cake from your birthday had me drooling. i could taste it in my mouth as you described its decadence.

oh no... i'm drooling again.

ps, you're beautiful!

abby said...

love it all. and belated happy birthday! we are the same age. woot woot. and have i commented before about how cool your house is? your house looks really cool.

kelly said...

oh you're too kind, no really, you're seriously too kind.

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