Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On March 31st

I turned twenty-six. And although my birthday didn't come with any sort of magical excitement, I suppose it's still worth mentioning.
Jeff did buy the most delectable treat in my honor, which is mostly worth mentioning:
A Cheesy Eddie's Carrot Cake.
Not the kind of carrot cake filled to the brim with nuts and raisins and whole chunks of carrot to chew, while scanning the room with a smile on your face pretending you're enjoying it (I mean, I guess, if you like that sort of health cake- blech). No, this stuff is ground carrot perfection, all topped with thick luscious cream cheese frosting.
I don't think I have had it since my wedding. (Because you better believe we had a Cheesy Eddie's carrot cake for our wedding).

We celebrated low-key family style with cook-in-front-of-you, as Lena calls it, (aka Hibachi) and cake and candles at home.

Oh, then Lena arose from her slumber early the next morning and helped herself to the remaining top of the frosting.


Nisha said...

Happy Birthday! That cake sounds yummy!

Beach Hendersons said...

She's one awesome little lady! I'm glad she gets thrills over good things such as cream cheese frosting.

kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Funny, we had a carrot cake at our wedding, yours sounds divine! 26-you're so young. enjoy it :)

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