Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Celebration In January

Simon turned 2
and we had a party!

the foodies:
chicken and steak fajitas & homemade guacamole and chips

we swigged back bottles of Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda

Party Juje

Lena helps(pant-less)with gift opening
much to everyone's suprise

the birthday banner finds its place

Chocolaty goodness

a Sime sandy

We love you buddy.

You will miss the happy birthday song sang to you all day and we will miss your chub as it melts away year after year.

Here's to being 2.


k1 said...

That's a great picture of Simon face first in the cake! Looks delicious.

Nisha said...

Those pics are priceless!

Amanda said...

Seriously, those pics are amazing. Love that you crowned his silhouette with a prince crown, and the banner looks just as fab as it did last year in the kitchen. You're going to have to frame that picture of him with his face in the birthday cake someday. Were you using your handy external flash for these?!?

Caroline said...

OH my gosh... your blog makes me happy!! I love it!! xo

Rebekah V. said...

Classic homestyle bday party. love it. happy bday simey sime sime.

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