Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Wrap It Up: A Very Vaisey Vacation Part II

For the sake of moving on, lets plow through these suckas, shallsies?

Here, in a nutshell, is the rest of our holiday vacation and a picture show of my love/hate relationship with the wild world of Disney.

Me: "Disney, I hate you!"
Me: "Disney, I love you!"

And THAT, concludes the adventure.
You know, minus the funny commentary and short stories I originally planned on supplying you with. But, you get the picture through the pictures.

Hardy har har.

thanks for the memories Vaiseys big and small.

The end.


Amanda said...

It looks like it was a blast. Ethan keeps saying, "Car! Car!" because of that picture of Simon with Mater and Lightning. What a lucky kid. And I love that picture of you with the onesie pjs. Only YOU could pull off that being 2/3 pregnant.

Beach Hendersons said...

I love this pics. It looks like ya'll had a blast.
Awards Ceremony:

Most full of love pic: You standing showing your future Vaisey with the 2 existing ones and the strollers.

Most envied pic by all boys: Simon feat. Mater and Lightning.

Most pic where daughter looks like mommy:Lena wearing her Minnie hat..I think it's the squinty eyes.

Female that is going to be in trouble when she gets older bc make-up looks amazing on her: Lena Vaisey.

Female for making the best faces: Lena Vaisey.

Male that "looks" like he goes with the flow: Simon.

Great pics.

We've been thinking about taking a D.World trip, but are unsure of the ages of the 2 was it for ya'll?

kelly said...

it was wonderful and horrible. magical and evil. The kids had a blast, and truth be told, we had fun too. My only recommendation- don't go during the Christmas holidays. Unless you like the back of your heel run over and the constant brush/shove of strangers.

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